Indomito means indomitable. That word profoundly reflects what we do and the feeling friends seek out when supporting our work. Indomito is a rebellious spirit that connects those who feel identified with the message to us; Indomito as nature, as a volcano, or a wild horse. As a flower that grows from a crack on the road, cement floors, or walls of a building... Eterno is evolved for a new era, to make a real contribution towards a better Earth.
Fruit from the evolution of our most pure feelings, Indomito is the word that describes what we feel, what we fight for, and most importantly, what connect us to you. As a team made up of a craftsman nomad tattooer and friends that we meet and collaborate with, we've had the chance to connect with people from around the world. Through this experience, we've found that those looking for tattoos or our hand made creations feel a shared interest about what we do and possesses a mutual kind of consciousness and rebellion.
We´ve been walking on a long journey to arrive here, and this is just the beginning.
Our creations are ethically produced and made to spread a positive message of fight, freedom, pro-nature, the harmony of animals and human beings, invoking a strong visual and emotional impact to catch our attention in these times where nothing really shocks us anymore.
Through unique limited and numbered hand made editions, we are going to raise and donate a percentage of the money we make through our sales, auctions, exhibitions, and collaborations with different organizations for pro-animal causes, and offering our platform to give voice to organizations that need support and inspire people; other artists and brands to take part and align with this positive message, to stay awake, and to do the things we like with a solidified mission behind it. This is our collective effort to not just take but give something back to the planet. 
We will also offer this platform to pro-animal and pro-environment organizations to have more visibility for saving, protecting and fighting for animals and nature. This is very important to us, the true motivation. Doing cool stuff is good but not enough, we need to give back and not only take.
Unfollow established dogmas, think for yourself, and act in consequence. Use and live your FREEDOM, it is yours...
You have the right to feel, enjoy, learn naturally, and forget what is expected from you... Be free, dance without shame, fight back against what is unfair, for what is right, it's worth your last breath...
Choose what your nature is telling you, not what society, trends, or any kind of mental or physical controls imposed by market forces or people...
Rebels with a cause, get united, do not submit meekly.
Inside all humans there is a flame of hope, we all are lights in the darkness, let's set us free.
Nature is calling us but we stopped listening long ago. Hope is the only thing that can truly keep us going.
We are born alone and alone we go, take action. Listen to nature again, BE YOU! Free yourself, live in the real.
We are always learning, and we´ll always keep learning. Participate more and be more active 
Thank you for being part of Indomito.