The mission of this project is to raise money through our creations to help as many people, organizations, and projects who are fighting actively to offer a better life to thousands of animals in any country of the world. We want to be part of it and we want to make YOU part of it too.


The mission is to increase consciousness, and to be part of the link between individuals and all kinds of projects that have pro-animal, pro-nature causes. Also it is to motivate people to be more aware. We want to show how easy it is to take part on something good for our souls and for the world and believe that changes are possible. You have more power than you think to change a life.


The mission is to be constantly evolving and building a "voluntary-membership", a network where all kinds of different people, artists, brands from all around the world weave a continuous firm growing net where we can connect with others and keep it united and strong.


No matter if you purchase one of our creations, choose to donate directly to a cause on one of our links, or you just take the time to read this; everything counts. We believe in the power of one.


We are raising 5% from each one of our sales to go for the chosen pro-animal cause of the moment. Also eventually we will increase percentages to donate on concrete creations sales and are planning a few other ways to maximize our percentage donation. We plan to study cyclically to find organizations where we can help investing the raised money with the things that the organizations need. We´ll be part of it actively as we´ll travel to the place to participate and document it so we can share all the information and you can see where and how the collected funds went to. We hope this will motivate people to join forces for those causes and make it a global Mission.


There are many damages to nature caused directly or indirectly by humans. It's impossible that our instincts, our common sense, and our self-assured rationalizations do not make us see that it is a must to stay awake and take action!