Animal Cause of the Moment

"We need to take responsibility of our footprint in the world. How we interact with it, what we take from it and what we can return to it... We must take consciousness of the power we have to change things for good in the world. It’s our only and true home"



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Join Forces

"If you want to put us on the track of any project, please do not hesitate to send us an email with info about it and how we can help.
We will examine the possibilities and choose where and how we can offer our proceeds. There will be many different projects..."




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Stay Free Neon

Tattoo drawings designed by Indomito and translated into Neon signs. Cool looking shapes with a powerful message transmitted with the beautiful mix of the bright noble gas floating into the skilled hand crafted electrified glass tubes.

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New Knife Pendant

“From fleeting instinct we carve this original piece, a bold micro compact knife. Fruit of the free inspiration influenced by the aggressive line of the switchblade of early 1900..."
Available in Silver, Brass, and Bronze.

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Skull Zippo 15

“These lighters have their own past. They got in our hands from many different parts of the world.
Now after working on them in our workshop they’ve become a collection of zippo’s with an Indomito touch”

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Indomito Bomber

"Warriors stay free, Indomito spirits get united"

First of Reversible Indomito Bomber Series.

18 Limited edition.

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